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“Bouguereau Babe” Oil Portrait Painting Instruction

By April 15, 2010June 1st, 2016Portrait Painting Instruction, Portraits

This painting is inspired by my very special 17 year old daughter, Braeden.    She graciously volunteered to model for me near an old building that may have been built around the time of the  civil war. It’s located near the canal just outside of Washington DC.  We set her up in late afternoon light on an antique bench in front of the old building. She is in very soft, natural, cool, sky  light in the shade.  However some direct sunlight did dapple the side of the building on the upper left corner of the painting. I love how the old paint was peeling off the bench.

Boug Babe 30x30-6103-1600


I just pulled this one off the wall and and added some finish to it and I think Im ready to let it go now.