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Commission Portrait Oil Painting – Preparing The Canvas

After several photo sessions, MarkLovettPhotograpy, we arrived at an image of beautiful  Adriana  to paint in oil on canvas.  After choosing the most desirable cropping and size of the canvas, I began creating my support. I prefer designing the work so that the face is a little  under life size.  The ¾ pose of this pretty little lady is sizes nicely on a canvas about 32″ long.


Using 24″ and 32″ Fredrix stretcher bars , I created the frame, and secured corners with staples on opposite side of canvas.


I cut a 30″x38″ piece of Artfix L84C extremely fine weave quadruple oil primed linen canvas, and stretched the canvas on frame.


This canvas is Internationally recognized as the finest linen surface for precise detailing and portraiture work. Extremely smooth and uniform surface is unequalled by any other product. It has the traditional qualities of a lead priming without its toxicity. It’s unique absorbency allows oil paints to “bite” into the surface, increasing adhesion and depth of color.  When glazed, colors glow from within.


I painted a very thin loose glaze of Alizarin, Ivory Black and Titanium White and allowed it  to dry for a couple days.