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Commission Portrait Oil Painting Process- Finishing Hands and Details

Another layer on the face…. I decided to increase the light coming in from the left side. This caused the lips to appear to dark …… so I had to repaint the lips a lighter value. This sometimes can get frustrating but it’s part of the push and pull process. I darkened the shadow side of the face under the eye. I added another layer on the chest and arms.



A few days later, I got a new attitude and decided to continue striving for perfection. I decided to focus on a couple of areas that I know I can improve upon. Today I chose to work on the hands. Before laying a stroke down on the hands I began working the areas around the hand. I needed to warm up first. Hands are extremely difficult and I dont stand a chance until I get the surrounding areas strong.

Once I brought the areas next to the hand up, it became easier for me to see the subtle changes that need to be made ………. using the surrounding areas as a reference.   As a result, I probably worked a couple hours on the dress, scarf, and background before touching the hand.

Even though I was planning on just focusing on the hands today, I ended up noticing areas in the dress and scarf to improve upon… I tweaked them again.  Notice that I darkened the left bottom background as I painted the scarf edges again, and I tuned the values and temperatures in the scarf.

If I do say so myself, I’m really very happy about how the hand on her hip and the surrounding scarf looks now!

Notice that I added another layer to the hand on the table. I also added one more finger. You can barely see it back in shadow. The fingers were too narrow and the values needed to be corrected.  I’m really loving this painting now and I’m ready to set it free.