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Corporate Portrait Painting Commission | Case Study

By November 1, 2019January 16th, 2020Portraits, Classical Realism, Commission a Portrait Painting
Finished Corporate Portrait Painting Commission
Photo Resource - Corporate Portrait Painting Commission

Photo Resource


Finished Painting


Hand stretch fine linen canvas 24x36"


Basic Drawing on Canvas


Finished Painting


Corporate Portrait Painting
Commission Process
24×36″ Oil On Linen

Finished Corporate Portrait Painting Commission

Finished Painting

Commission Art Portraits

I recently had the honor of painting an oil portrait of the corporate executive, William K. Woody, founder and senior advisor
of KCW Engineering Technologies. It was commissioned by his two beautiful daughters who also work in the company. It’s a surprise retirement gift that is now displayed in the corporate headquarters.

Creating this portrait was a wonderful experience, and I’ll be posting more details in this article soon. In the meantime, you can see the original resource photo that I worked from at top left, the process in the middle slider, and the finished painting on top, and top right.

Portrait Painters

Not all portrait painters love a challenge, but I love a challenge and this one didn’t disappoint. Not only was I creating a family heirloom that had to capture the heart and soul of the subject to the satisfaction of his two loving daughters, but I was also working from a client resource photo rather than my own. This is not uncommon in the world of portrait painting.

Often I create portraits from memories of the past, or with subjects that have passed away.  However, this resource photo is a challenge to work with because  1) the face is positioned straight on, rather than at an angle  2) the lighting is rather flat and pointing straight into the face,  and 3) one of the hands is foreshortened with the fingers pointed directly at the viewer.

(more to come soon)