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Private Online Instructional Painting Broadcasts – Come Join Us

Come join us online and watch as I create my gallery oil paintings,  and text a conversation with me and other students during the many sessions that we have each week. This is a private broadcast for paying members only. I will also help you with a painting of your own. Right now several of my students are working on their own paintings and I am helping them a little along the way.

If interested in joining us, please email me at [email protected] for more details.


Comments from some of the members:

wonderful  class! We all were in awe!. hope that chat thing works next time— another amazing painting!  thank you thank you!



It was really great watching you paint like this, and mixing your paints too.  THANKS for trying something new.



I joined Mark last night and all I can say to the others, I have already gotten my moneys worth in one evening, he is so sharing. We had a continuous and fascinating interchange discussing all the stuff I need to learn more about. Values, soft edges, hard edges, reasons why, color choices and shifts and mixes I have not even thought or heard of before.
Right now he is at the stage of final finite applications, divulging methods only a painter of his caliber knows.
True if any of you are looking for a site that is more social this is the wrong place. But if you want to immerse yourself into serious learning to advance your craft, this is an opportunity that you normally only find by travelling, staying in a hotel for weeks on end and paying thousands of dollars for sharing it all with a crowd of people around you.
I can understand if you prefer to wait to start and paint a new piece with him, I”ll be there and would love to see you there too.
And no, neither Mark or Laurel know of me writing this until the moment I hit the reply button.