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KYLE | Commission Memorial Portrait Painting

portrait painter Mark Lovett

“KYLE”   20×26″ oil on Belgian linen – backlit from bus window


“I truly love it … and I can see you really put a lot of time in getting so right ….” Pinelope Speh


I was recently commissioned by Pinelope Speh to paint an oil portrait to honor her son, Kyle, who tragically passed away in 2018. I was commissioned by Pinelope directly after I finished creating a portrait painting of Lisa & Son, to honor Patrick & Lisa Weller’s son, who tragically passed away in 2019.  I feel both of these painting commissions were a calling from God. Capturing these souls on canvas for these grieving families was an honor and a spiritual experience that I’ll never forget. By the time the process was complete, I feel like we have become very close friends.

After receiving quite a bit of information about Kyle, pictures, and having extended phone conversations with Pinelope, I felt that I began to get to know Kyle. Kyle was a very handsome and intelligent young man who had recently graduated and starting his first real job. The last time Pinelope saw Kyle, as shown in the portrait, he was wearing a suit sitting on a bus on his way to work.   I sensed the pain in Pinelope’s voice as I learned about Kyle, and the devastating loss to the family.  My mission became the challenge of easing Pinelope’s pain and helping, in some small way, to bring healing by bringing Kyle’s image alive on canvas.

“Oh my I’m speechless. I have named the painting Forever21. I love this painting!

My dear boy, my only son, and my youngest, is being so honored with this.

The painting was inspired by a photo I took on a bus in Jamaica on our way to dinner for Mother’s Day.  This was the last time I saw him. Kyle passed a few weeks later. He was on summer break from Florida state university. Kyle had just finished his 2nd year in college and was planning to work in Washington DC that summer.” Pinelope Speh

“KYLE”   20×26″ oil on Belgian linen – backlit from bus window

“Oh my it’s beautiful…… What fabulous work ….” Pinelope Speh


Just a little portrait painting progress update. Rarely do I get so much illusion of depth …. from the front of the bus seat on the right, back through the bus window, through a back wall, all the way to the foliage in back left.

I had to resist the temptation to emphasize the flowers and back foliage thereby bringing them to the foreground and destroying the illusion of depth.

“KYLE”   20×26″ oil on Belgian linen – backlit from bus window



It was so nice to disappear into my painting studio for a few hours this evening and focus 100% of thought and energy into this new oil portrait. Just to have my mind off the world chaos for a few hours and focus on bringing this subject to life on canvas was so nice! What a challenge!





Recently started a new portrait painting commission to honor a young man who sadly passed away a couple years ago at only 21. This was his mother’s last memory of him …. on a bus to work …. his first job after college

kyle-portrait-painting-commission-in-progress-early stage



“Mark, I haven’t been so touched by something so special in a long time. I cant stop looking at the portrait of my sweet boy. You did not just replicate the resource photo, you brought me in touch with the feeling I had when I took the photo. Thank you with so much gratitude.” Pinelope Speh



This is not just a painting, it has an aura about it, clearly showing the heavenly inspiration you felt while working on it. God is great. And you my dear friend have instilled a feeling of peacefulness anyone looking at this wonderful work will surely experience. Wishing the family much joy over this painting that brings smiling memories to mind.
Renate Dabney

Amazing painting!!
Charlotte Evans

Vinesha Clark
So beautiful.
Marjorie Bezubic
Incredible, truly a masterpiece!
Patti Wilkerson Day
Stunning Portrait, Mark!! Such a handsome young man!! So very sad
Patti Witaschek
Absolutely stunning and will be loved.
Valerie Rae Jupe
Really beautiful work, Mark.
Greg Schwartz
Great job!
Susan Corrinne
You’re such a genius, Mark !
Amy Perkins
Wow! That’s amazing. You did that?
Charlotte Evans
Fantastic, Beautiful painting!!
Ken Weiss
Great job
Barbara Vasquez
Beautiful ,but so very sad .
Joseph Miller
Fran Gee
So sad but I’m sure it will comfort his family. I wondered what is in his left hand?


Mary Beth Albertini
You have a true gift
Patti Wilkerson Day
Awesome painting of this handsome young man, Mark!! How very sad and tragic, his story!!
Susie Frizzell Longo
Awesome Work Mark
John Marks
Amazing how the details come to life.
Marjorie Bezubic
Truly incredible Mark… You are Blessed with and possess a most special Gift…
Patti Witaschek
So flipping amazing!! I absolutely admire this amazing talent you have!!!
Cheryl Brillos Clymer
Wow. Very nice.
Alex Lupin
VERY talented.
Robyn Richardson Stallman
Soo talented mark. Who would have known young mark ,the one I knew, would become an artist with amazing talent. Truly a gift from God.
Pamela Howard
Wow, such talent! I want a gift for his mom. The painting is so lifelike