Back Story  РOn occasion, we used to drive from our Maryland studio into amish country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was fascinated with the Amish people and enjoyed visiting the peaceful, beautiful, scenic area. During one such trip, I made it a point to reach out and engage the nice people. Knowing that Amish would not be photographed and did not even have pictures on their walls, I approached just trying to get to know them better.

I deeply respected their values, independence, and hard working nature. Most families had no electricity and used only horse drawn buggies for transportation.

After several trips, I began to get to know a few of the people and develop trust. Eventually I found an amish family that was interested in being portrayed to the public in a respectful manner, and agreed to allowing me to photograph them and their children.

I even had lunch with an amish lady once who had 100 grand children. She had 10 children, and each child had ten children. She thought nothing of it. It was no big deal to her.

This sweet, little amish girl depicted in my painting was the direct result of a photo session I had with this family. I was particularly interested in the intricate weave of her beautiful blond hair. Her mother obviously put a lot of time into it.

I believe I painted in about 2010. I used only the finest oil paint and fine linen as a support. The photo doesnt do it justice. It really is gorgeous!

I dont have room on my walls to display so many of my paintings, and because Im not using galleries anymore, I just decided its time to find a good home for this cherished painting.

Rehs Gallery in NY, NY used to sell my paintings, and would be asking $12,500 for this painting, and I would receive $6k for it. So Im passing the savings to you and slashing the price to $3,500 plus shipping.

If interested, call me at 301-802-2228, and email [email protected] before someone else get’s it.