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Quick Sketch

By January 16, 2012June 1st, 2016Portrait Painting Instruction, Portraits

After spending several hours with a new model last Friday, and working on various figurative (and many nude and partial nude) ideas, I have created an idea for my first painting. I hand stretched some high quality linen on 20×36″ stretchers bars and created a sketch.  I am really excited about this new work and showing the beauty of the female form on canvas at it’s best!

This is not by any means a finished drawing. Often I begin painting without a sketch on the canvas, however, for this new work, I chose to begin with a quick pencil sketch on canvas. This is only a partial sketch and the values and edges are not accurate. Instead of spending a lot of time creating an accurate pencil sketch, I made a rough sketch, and next I will create an accurate oil paint grisaille layer on top.