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‘Spring In Fall’ Oil Painting Instruction by master portrait painter

Sorry that I haven’t posted updates for a while. I have been busy working on this paintng as well as doing several photo shoots for clients lately, and the photo shoots take considerable time culling through images, ┬ácolor correcting, cropping etc…

The picture of the Ballerina In The Park below is the current state of the painting. On the previous painting session, I primarily worked on developing the layout of the background.  This last session took me back to the face and the focal area. If you look carefully you will see that the face and hair has been tweaked. The eyes, nose and color of the cheeks has been painted. I actualy even added some violit to the light side of her face, and changed the cheek tone to more closely resemble the dress. The whites of the eyes have been slightly opened. I lightened her ankle area under her arm.

On the next session I am going to work on the wall and background again. This time I will add plenty of thick paint, texture and splashes of color keeping true to my value structure.

Till next time, over and out.