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Instructional Oil Painting Videos by master portrait painter

By December 14, 2009June 1st, 2016Portrait Painting Instruction, Portraits

After 20,000 plus hours of experience in creating my figurative and portrait oil paintings, (including study, books, seminars, workshops, live drawing and painting practice), as well as successful sales in many high end galleries in New York, Hollywood, and throughout the country, I have decided to open up and share my knowledge and valuable techniques that I have developed over the years in my instructional videos. I am confident that much of what you will learn from me is not availible elsewhere.

In my videos, you will get a very candid inside look at my process. Nothing is staged. This is not high quality video production, but the content will be very valuable to you. This is reality TV, and I bare it all. The other aspect that makes these videos special is the fact that you will see me creating my actual paintings that get SOLD at high end galleries.

I also make myself available for questions. I love inspiring and helping people, and I would love to get to know you and perhaps help you acheive your dream.

Check out the below link to see all the videos I have created for you so far.

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