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By January 21, 2014Publications

Feature article about Mark Lovett’s oil paintings in Washington Spaces Magazine.  Mark’s paintings are shown hanging on the walls in the prominent Bethesda MD collector’s home, and Mark and the collector are interviewed.

Creativity. Expression. Peace. These are words that homeowners Robyn and Bill Collins and Artist Mark Lovett use to describe what art means to them. Lovett says, “Edgar Degas said, “Art is not what you see; it’s what you make others see. As an artist, it’s my goal to help otters see the beauty that I see, and the beauty is often in the essence of the object I’m painting.”

“Does the art move you emotionally?” Lovett asks. That should be the first question you ask yourself before making a purchase.

When Lovett’s daughter wanted art supplies for a fun project with friends, he was happy to go to the store, select precisely the same items for each girl, and set the table for an evening of creativity. Fifteen minutes into the project, the girl’s were done but Lovett carried on for hours, delving into his newly discovered passion for painting. As a musician, and businessman, Lovett had always been creative but didn’t realize his true passion until then.

Panting portrait’s is Lovett’s main focus. “I love the challenge of painting a person and bringing her to life, as if she was walking off the canvas,” Lovett says. “It keeps me going.” He also has faith that someone will connect with each portrait he paints. Robyn adds, “Show me someone who is passionate about art and I’ll show you someone who loves life.”


Sherry Moeller/Washington Spaces
Mark Lovett in Washington Spaces magazine